Death Dealer




A great scene (among many) from Underworld is the one above… Selene (Kate Beckinsale) has been attacked from behind by a pistol-weilding Lycan (werewolf) in human form… having literally ducked his bullets, she shoots him a few times, knocking him off his feet, she then stalks over to him, places her foot on his chest and, while the camera gives us this closeup of her, shoots him several more times. If you don’t know the story, Selene loathes Lycans; she has been a Death Dealer for 300 years. The vampires in the Underworld films are mostly, despite being immortal and super-humanly strong, effete socialites, living off bottled blood and partying hard, protected by an elite warrior class of their own kind: Death Dealers. Selene is the boss Death Dealer.

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